Private Parenting Coaching & Counseling

How does Private coaching work?

I offer a range of customized coaching sessions depending on your needs, but start with a two-hour session at my office to meet either you and your child or children, or you and your ex (and possibly new spouse or partner) and learn the issues you are struggling with, find out which tools you are currently using, and help to understand your particular family dynamic and setting. From there, we quickly more forward to discussing possibilities for change, implementation of new tools, and what would best benefit you and your family.

I believe in raising children with respect, including a deep consideration for their developmental and emotional needs.
I love to help parents understand how to establish rules and routines, set boundaries, gain cooperation and communicate effectively with each other and their children. I believe that even parents who went through the most bitter divorce can work through problems and come to reasonable agreements where all parties are satisfied and can work together peacefully.

Registration for Private Coaching

After Dr. McLain has discussed your needs with you briefly, and you have made the commitment to be “All in” and are ready to get to work, she may have accepted your case and scheduled a two-hour home or office visit with you. After scheduling, she would have invited you to log onto this website and fill out the ‘Private Coaching Registration’ form. If so, do not click on the ‘Registration’ tab above, but follow these steps carefully!

1. Fill out the ‘Private Coaching Registration’ form (below) as completely as possible, then click ‘Submit’.
2. Click on the ‘BuyNow’ link to handle your payment.  (The fee for parenting coaching is $120/hour, with a minimum of two hours for the first visit. After the first visit, you are welcome to pay by check. There is a $65 missed appointment fee.
3. Email Dr. McLain any “homework” she requested (to, at least four days prior to your scheduled appointment. Please make sure to put your first and last name in the subject line, and summarize any documents more than three pages in length.
4. Be ready for exciting changes in your family!

Contact Me

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